Who are we?

We are a young team of professionals with a passion for seeing the joblessness of young graduates cut down by empowering them to understand the dynamics of the corporate world and in so doing prepare them for entry into it. More importantly we have a passion for fanning into flame the business desires of the youth and guiding the would-be entrepreneurs along the path to successful start-ups.

Evidence of our faith in the ability of the youth to be key members of the business world is the focus we have on having  some of them working closely with us to learn how we do what we do, and hopefully show us how to do it better.

What we believe

Lebone Future Foundations  is an organisation built on the belief that it is a complete falacy to talk about the youth as leaders of tomorrow. Everyone knows, Tomorrow NEVER comes!!!

We believe the youth are the leaders of TODAY! What is required is for guidance and room to be given them in order for them to engage positively in society. A child who is not given enough freedom to stumble, never learns to walk confidently. The youth MUST be given responsibility if they are to develop the level of confident leadership that our society and nation is in dire need of.

Be Part of Our Community

We are building a community of leaders that build nations. Your participation is most welcome as we know that the more hands that take part in the work at hand, the lighter the load becomes.