Our Services

Lebone Future Foundations exists in order to Prepare and Empower College students to become active corporate citizens while also Addressing the youth unemployment challenges faced in South Africa. We believe that our key services, listed below, are the primary pillars which support the grooming of a vibrant and globally competent youth force that can build a sustainable economy. 


Pillar 1: Executive Sessions

We schedule regular discussion forums with Business Executives to talk about their journey in the corporate world; the challenges they faced; what advice they would give to anyone wanting to get into a similar career or organisation;  what qualities make a potential job seeker stand out; and addressing any questions the students may have.

Pillar 2: Mentorship / Coaching

In the sporting world, championship athletes do not go at it alone. They have a coach standing by their side to push them beyond being a good athlete to becoming a great one. We offer coaching/mentorship sessions on a one-on-one basis with the students to jointly understand who they are, who they want to become and unlocking the pathways to get them there.


Pillar 3 (Chief Cornerstone): Entrepreneurship School

Not everyone dreams of owning a company. The unfortunate part is that too few people who actually dream of starting a business actually get to the starting blocks. FEAR holds many people back.

What do YOU stand to gain: We will help you answer the following questions:
1. How can I IDENTIFY a business opportunity
2. How do I proceed in order to verify if it is a VIABLE business opportunity.
3. My opportunity is viable. What NEXT?
4. I dont think I have enough resources to get my idea off the ground. HELP!!!
5. How can I GIVE BACK to the community

We are of the view that the quickest way to addressing unemployment is by encouraging everyone especially the youth to think about entrepreneurship. It is becoming increasingly difficult to compete for the few jobs that are available, ESPECIALLY for graduates who have little to no experience.

How the Entrepreneurship School works

Our focus is on VALUE and not VOLUME. As such we prioritize working with a limited number of students in small groups to ensure that we give each entrepreneur the attention that is required. Our program runs in half-yearly slots with the key objective being to instill in the youth the belief in themselves to not only CREATE jobs but to create VALUE in society at the same time.  

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